New YA app with 9 stories from top YA authors & Interview with Dawn Porter

There is a new app that launched on,
World Book Day which was March 7th with exclusive new stories from nine top YA authors the App is powered by for download to iOS and Android devices FREE in the UK and Ireland. The stories will be available to read for available to read on the app for two months.

The full line-up of stories on the World Book Day YA app is:
·Turning Amber, Sarah Alderson (Simon & Schuster)
·Starcrossed City, Jospehine Angelini (Macmillan)
·Department 19: The Secret History of a Teenage Vampire, Will Hill (HarperCollins)
·Magpie Soup, Dave Cousins (OUP)
·The Assassin and the Quest, Sarah J Maas ( Bloomsbury )
·Bully For You, Dawn O’Porter (Hot Key)
·Agent 21: The Wire, Chris Ryan (Red Fox)
·TimeRiders: The Nearly Girl, Alex Scarrow (Puffin)
·This Whole Demoning Thing, Patrick Ness ( Walker Books)

Kirsten Grant, Director of World Book Day said, The new app and our partnership with Movellas is just one way of getting great book content to Young Adult readers who have a hunger for new stories from top authors. Delivering content digitally and talking to teens in the spaces they like to visit and socialise also allows us to offer a taste of the brilliant fiction that’s out there and hopefully, turn more young people on to reading.”
Alongside the World Book Day YA app, a special ‘Story Chain’ game is also being hosted on, where eight of the app authors have suggested the first line of a new story for members to continue.
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I had the opportunity to send author and broadcaster and journalist Dawn Porter some questions about her book Bully that features on the App. Check out the interview and leave your thoughts on the APP and Dawn Porter's Book!
Bully for you is one of the nine fantastic stories on the new APP, from some great authors in the YA community, that can be downloaded for FREE for World Book Day. Can you tell us a bit about Bully for you?



Most teenagers experience bullying on some level. Even if they just witness it. You never hear much about why the bully behaves the way they do. Self-loathing, feeling like a misfit or having an unhappy home life can all be reasons why someone turns to bullying to hide who they really are. I wanted to write a story from inside the mind of a bully to show what’s really going on. My bully is called Sally, and she is pretty mean. In this story you understand why, but that doesn't make it OK.



Your protagonist Sally is a bully and wants to reveal who she really is and break the habit. We all try and break habits, like stopping smoking or stupid habits like biting our nails. In society we class bullies as horrible people and don't think of the underlying issues bullies may have.. Do you think that being a bully can be is like a habit, something they are addicted to and can be broken?



Definitely, I think it all starts with trying to find an identity. A bully finds their power by over powering other people and the idea of dropping that act scares them, they would be terrified of who they really are. They probably don't know who they really are.



The APP is full of amazing books from authors from the YA community, that we all love. Who was you favourite author when you where a teenager? -



Well my favourite book was Oranges Ae Not The Only Fruit. It's a totally unpatronising book about a tough teenage life, I think more books like that should be on the curriculum.



From the authors on the APP which book are you most excited to read?



Patrick Ness, I love his book, A Monster Calls. It's a tale of a kids wild imagination full of tragedy and heart and soul. He is a brilliant writer.



In society today social media is everywhere, everyone is one facebook (even my dad) and twitter. Blogging is massive whether it is about books, fashion or anything in between. There are millions of APP's. What would you say to encourage someone to download the new APP?



That people must read fiction. It's so important. Imaginations have to be kept alive and we are living more and more in such a literal world. We have to keep remembering to lose ourselves in other peoples worlds and not get too caught up in our own.


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