I heart.. Kelly Hashway- SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS

2015 is just around the corner and I am already looking forward to all the amazing new releases. Saying that in 2015 I want to highlight amazing authors that I love, and books that I have read, that have given me all the feels. 

This has developed into a new monthly feature called I heart... I will pick an author/book each month, to highlight and to have posts with this author on my blog throughout the month. The first author in January is author, Kelly Hashway. I have read Kelly's books and love them, I also love Kelly as a person, she is just awesome!

As part of the feature I'm taking questions from fans of Kelly and her work. Have you always had a burning question about the Touch of Death Series? Wondered why Kelly writes under two names (she also writes as Ashlyn Drake) Have you ever wondered what Kelly's favorite animal is? You can submit a question and Kelly might answer it!

You can leave a comment below with your question for Kelly or you can tweet your questions using the #IheartKelly 

Last day to submit a question is November 30th 2014. Check back on January 19th 2015 to see if Kelly answered your question!


  1. Hi, Kelly, what attracts you to writing paranormal?

  2. Hi Kelly! Do you have a favorite song?

  3. My question: You write and also edit others' work- what do you do to rewind when you need a break from all the words? Also: Hello! *waves* :)