Fairy Loot - A New Monthly YA Subscription Box

Bookish Subscription boxes are all the rage lately and I have been looking to try one for so long but a lot of them have been based in the U.S. and we all know how shipping is, so you can understand my excitement when I found a UK based bookish subscription box and the name Fairy Loot made me even more excited, it just makes it sound even more magical. 

So your all wondering how can I get my hands on one? Well let's talk to the creation behind Fairy Loot.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hello! My name is Anissa, and I love YA books - fantasy, specifically! :) I have always loved books, but 2 years ago was when I first discovered the book blogging world. I started blogging for a couple of months, then stopped for a year or so (I didn’t have time with my studies, sadly) and recently came back. I still feel very new to this whole world, but I enjoy every minute of it. The people I’ve met on here are just so amazing, I wish we could all be in one room drinking tea and talking about books.

Tell us why you wanted to create a subscription box?

Well, I was inspired by some other very amazing subscription boxes out there, particularly Owlcrate and Uppercase. I loved the whole idea of a subscription box with some bookish goodies in them, and realised there wasn’t many of them in the UK/Europe, so I thought… Why not? I mean, it could always not work out, but I’d rather give it a shot than not try at all. :) I thought it would be great to focus the themes of fantasy as well, since it’s the genre I know most about.

What the name fairy loot? (I have to say I love the name)

Thank you! I’m so glad you like it - I really love it too. I guess I was sitting there thinking about all the different types of fantasy creatures I loved, and then decided on fairies. And then loot, for their treasure, because fairies must have epic treasure, right? :)

What do we receive in the fairy loot box each month?

In each box you will receive one hardcover YA book, and 3-4 bookish goodies. We hope to have promotional items such as bookmarks, posters, and signed bookplates in each box, but depending on the publisher/author that isn’t always possible. And they are lovingly packed and sprinkled with fairy dust, of course.

How will you determine what is going to be in the fairy loot box monthly?

It’s a lot of hours of research, phone calls, and emails. It’s a lot of fun, but also quite difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for and making sure it will be ready in time. I’ve got lots of ideas for different items, and each month will have something different. I love finding handmade and unique items to put in the boxes!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! :) Our shipping prices vary depending on the country of shipping, but we ship worldwide.

Why should we try a fairy loot box?

I fully believe FairyLoot is a special experience that readers will love, and we’ve put so much work into making our boxes special and unique. We have a secret feature that we haven’t told anyone about yet, but we’ll release the news after the first box has been shipped - we think you’ll love it! A FairyLoot box is a real treat, and the books and goodies (among other things!) is something not to be missed. :)

We all want a fairy loot box now, don't we, so here's all the nitty gritty details:

One box of Fairy Loot costs £22.99 + shipping
A 3-month subscription costs £67.99 + shipping  (COMING SOON)
A 6-month subscription costs £134.99 + shipping (COMING SOON)

Order a box here

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What do you think of this subscription box? Have you subscribed to any subscription boxes?

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