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This is a new feature where I bring you speedy reviews. These are quick fire that shouldn't take you more than a minute to read. So let's go!!

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Book: Innocence Taken
Author: Devin O'Branagan
Pages: 154
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Innocence Taken is an adult erotica romance novella. The story involves Angeline who is a smart woman who has had to take care of herself and her sister from a young age now her sister has gone missing and she was last seen in a Denver Brothel. Along with the help of sexy PI Cody Angeline begins her journey into the world of sex, intrigue and pleasure. 


The story line is not like your typical erotica story line in some ways and the same in others.. The sex scenes where typical of most erotica sex scenes they where graphic but not as graphic of some of the sex scenes I have read in erotica books.


I would have liked it too be longer and develop the characters and the relationships and storylines more. But for a novella it is what it is and I was happy with that.

Overall it was an entertaining read. I was intrigued by the story and the character's.

Book: Unbound
Author: Kathryn Taylor
Series: Colours Of Love #1
Pages: 242
Source: E ARC VIA Netgally
Rating: Between ✪✪ .5 - ✪✪✪

In a nutshell

Sheltered innocent girl, Rich mis understood man into secret kinky stuff. Girl meets man, falls straight in love he shows her the "light" things happen .

This was just OK. It was an interesting story but I just think there was loads of gaps,  it just felt like I needed more in a first book. The characters where just OK, I dont think they where fully developed enough. This was a translated to English book, I think done badly. I don't know if I will be continuing with this series. It was just meh. 

Book: A Night to forget
Author: Jessica Wood
Series: A Night to forget (#1)
Pages: 126
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The tag is what stays in Cancun stays in Cancun and I wish this book has stayed in Cancun. Harsh you might say but....

I really didn't enjoy this book and I hate to say that about a book. It had so much going for it. I am a sucker for insta love but this book just took the biscuit. The writing felt stale and the characters felt two dimensional. I just feel that this book could have so much potential with more details and editing but it just didn't satisfy me. I do kinda want to read the second book to see what happens and if it makes a little more sense but I don't want to pay the price for it!

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