Guest Post: My Favourite Famous Families book Catherine Doyle

My Favourite Famous Families by Catherine Doyle

The Blood for Blood series is all about family. Dodgy, dodgy families full of criminally handsome, mildly immoral characters. Just the way I like ’em. In fact, the Falcone family motto is: La Famiglia Prima di Tutto, which means the family comes before everything else. I’ve always been fascinated by family dynamics, especially the interplay between siblings. Here are some of my all-time favourite, fascinating families, from books, movies and real life.

The Corleone Family in The Godfather. Considering the Mafia families I write are inspired by movies like The Godfather, it’s no surprise that Vito Corleone and his deadly brood of mobsters rank highly in my list of firm favourites. They’re dangerous, impulsive, unpredictable and successful. Enigmatic and nebulous, and loyal (well, for the most part) to one another. 

The Addams Family. Because, why not? Creepy and cool and totally dysfunctional, these guys were big players in my childhood. One half of me wanted to run a mile from them – especially Morticia, but the other half of me secretly wanted to be part of them.

The Salvatore Brothers from The Vampire Diaries. OK, I’m really just talking about two brothers here, but that still counts, right? Right? Anyone who’s read the Blood for Blood series so far will know I have a thing for hot, dangerous brothers, so this selection comes as no surprise. These sexy vampires are both outrageously hot. They contain within them the potential for great darkness and the capacity for great love. And that makes them endlessly compelling. And hot. Did I mention that they were hot?!

The Kennedy Family. I have a mild obsession with the Kennedys, OK? America’s most famous, political family, they have been fraught with scandal and tragedy since the days of President John F. Kennedy himself. Then there are all those rumours – the Mafia, the demise of Marilyn Monroe and the many, many sordid affairs in between. They are absolutely fascinating, and still inherently powerful to this day. 

The March sisters from Little Women. Who didn’t want to be a March sister when they were younger? Obviously Jo was the best one, but I really feel like if I lived in ye olde times and was around the same age, I would have fit right in with all that perfect mayhem. 

The Weasley Family from Harry Potter. I defy you to find me someone who doesn’t love the Weasleys, or at least 90% of them (sorry Percy). So many charming people in one family! The twins were always my favourite because like me, they were tricksy and obsessed with pranks, but they all have their good points. Yes, even Percy. I love big families, and big wizarding, funny families like this one are just perfect. 

The Cullens from Twilight. Say what you will about Twilight, but if those Cullens didn’t have the cushiest life, and the coolest stepdad, then who did? I was always a Jasper girl myself, but I loved the sense of loyalty and mystery that surrounded them all. Once you get past the vaguely incestuous undertones and remind yourself that even though they’re all stepsiblings, they are definitely not related, it’s all smooth sailing from there!

The Vonn Trapp Family from The Sound of Music. I love everything about this musical. I love the songs, I love Maria, I love the Captain and I love all those seven children, even the annoying ones! 

Have you read the Blood For Blood Series? Thoughts? Are you excited to read it? I loved the first book and can't wait to dive into the next book, Inferno!

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