My Number Ones Of The Month

My number ones of the month is a new monthly feature where I name my number ones of certain things from that month. The topics may change each month. My sister over @ a bookish redhead is also taking part in the feature and if you want to take part in the feature next month, leave me a comment below with a way for me to contact you. Let's go!

My number one TV Show:

This scene is one of the most powerful of the series so far 

I am loving Code Black aired on W in the UK. It is a medical drama set in a Los Angeles emergency room where most of the time it goes into "code black" where there isn't enough resources or staff to deal with the amount of of patients entering the emergency room. I love hospital dramas and this is full of drama and it feels more gory and more real life than a lot of medical dramas I have seen over the years. Apart from all the medical dramas the characters and there storylines are so captivating and I am rooting for many of the characters and their relationships. 

My number one Song:

Little Mix- Secret Love Song (Feat. Jason Derulo)

My number one Youtube Channel:

I love YouTube and especially book tubers and I am loving Regan from Peruse Project videos. 

My number one celeb story:

Basically anything to do with Kanye West. He has had so much drama this month, spats with people on Twitter numerous times , saying he's poor and needs money, taking forever to name his new album and thinking he's going to be president. Enough said.

My number one food/dessert:

Cadbury's Amaze Bites, in Orange flavour. I swear I can eat tubs and tubs of these. They are bits of double blended soft brownie covered in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate and come in three flavours. 

My number one bookish merchants store:

Imagine owned by Evie Seo

Elvis Seo Bookish Designs ,her stuff is incredible and I can't wait to get my hands on some stuff. 

My number one interest of the month:

I have been loving colouring in. I just love it. My favourite colouring books are Johanna Basfords colouring books. So pretty!

My number one gift received/brought:

I was sent Broken Sky by the publisher and it is the best gift as its one of my most anticipated books of the year.

That's it for this month. What has been some of your number ones?


  1. your coloring is very pretty, could you show us a little more of those who did?

  2. Regan from Peruse Project has lovely videos :) The drawing you're coloring is so pretty! And the colors are so lovely... I need to get my hands on a coloring book...