Author Interview: Gabrielle Blue

Gabrielle Blue is the pen name of two sister's that write together!

Hey Tessa & Gabby! Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! You are sister's who have just recently published your first YA novel Children of the Lost Moon. Can you tell my readers a little about your novel?

Certainly - it's our favorite subject. The maincharacter, 17-year-old Savannah, longs to be a fencer, a saber fencer.She wants to hold the Olympic gold medal. Savannah can feel the glorious weight of it around her neck, the medal solid and cold against her skin. So what can go wrong, you ask? Well, for starters, finding out your new fencing coach is not actually human, but alpha of a shapeshifter pack.  Then finding out shapeshifters are the only thing standing between the human race and something else you never knew existed… werewolves.  Becoming embroiled in an epic battle between shapeshifters and werewolves can certainly mess up your Olympic gold medal plans!

How did the idea for Children of the Lost Moon come about and how did you decide to write it together?

We wanted something wildly successful, to be quite honest. A novel for young adults with the passion of the Twilight series for unusual relationships, yet with a much stronger femaleprotagonist - a main character who  would be a good match for someone…a little more than human.

Children of the Lost Moon cover is great! Who designed it and how much say did you each have in it?

We completely designed it together, and as always, both of us have equal say in all of our undertakings. We're quite glad you like the cover!

Children of the Lost Moon

How does it feel as sister's to write together? 

Writing together has been a phenomenal experience. We started with a vague shared idea which blossomed as we went along. Both contributed to the thought process, the plotting, character development, etc., but because we wanted on "voice," Tessa volunteered to write the actual words. It was Gabby's idea to make the main character a fencer. Tessa ran around in a panic, "But I know nothing about fencing!" It was great fun and we learned so much about  writing, each other, and of course, fencing.

Do you both enjoy reading? What sort of books do you like to read yourself?

We definitely do enjoy reading - not sure how you can write if you don't read! Tessa is eclectic and doesn't have a particular favorite genre. She'll read anything printed, be it novels or short stories, articles, the sides of cereal boxes... even perhaps, skywriting. Gabby's favorite novels are thrillers, either young adult or adult. Medical thrillers and survival stories are high on the list. She also reads everything printed, however, even gum wrappers!

Are you currently working on any other projects at the moment either together or individually?

Gabby is working on a young adult thriller, 29 Spikes; Tessa is working on a young adult apocalyptic, Exigent.

Why should we read your novel, Children of the Lost Moon?

So we can make money? LOL... seriously, though, if you enjoy a strong female character, have a penchant for saving the world, and/or love those otherworldly characters that most people think cannot exist, then you'll love Children of the Lost Moon.

Children of the Lost Moon is available now to buy click here: or here: (for Amazon)

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  1. Awesome interview!!! I just finished CHILDREN OF THE LOST MOON and I absolutly fell in love with it..and Luke..shh (:
    Tessa and Gabby are worked magic into that I'm serious!! Now I'm heading back to my bookshelf to reread my fav'll just end up rereading the whole book again!


  2. I've actually read a few reviews about this and all are positive! I think I'm gona have to get my hands on it :) Thanks for the review & interview! :D

  3. The cover of the book its soooooo Beautiful!

  4. I think it is awesome for sisters to write together. I have never heard of this book before but I love the sound of it. I can’t wait to read it.