Introducing: YA author Brandon Alston (YA Feature #8)

Hey, this week's YA author is Brandon Alston! Lets welcome Brandon to the blog *claps hands* Brandon is the co-author of Grey Eyes along with Quinteria Ramey. Grey Eyes released on 27th of March and just recently, the second book in the series Brown Eyes debuted on June 25th! So without further ado, here is my interview with Brandon Alston!

Novel: Grey Eyes (Book 1)
Young Adult Paranormal Romance

A description of Grey Eyes:

15 year old Anastasia Adams has spent her entire life on the run. She and her mother have never spent more than eighteen months in any one location, often times leaving with just the clothes on their backs. Despite the havoc that this is wreaking on Ana's social and academic life, her mother offers no explanation as to why it is they're constantly moving, or even what it is they're running from. But that all changes one night in the woods of Pelion, SC--the night the terror catches up with them.

Fearing her mother dead, and having barely escaped with her own life, Ana is whisked away to a world of privilege and tradition. It's a fairytale come to life. The poor girl used to living out of a suitcase is now a resident of one of the most exclusive addresses in the world. The people there adore her and she catches the eye of a young guardian who sees her as a refreshing change to the girl's he's grown up with.

If only they could find her mother. If only she knew the consequences of being born a "conjurer." If only she knew who that green eyed stranger was, who'll recite to her a past so incredible, and too tragic to be real. In the end, she'll have to choose between the boy who has captured her heart and the stranger she can feel down in her soul, assuring at least one of them an almost certain death.

Brandon's writing journey so far:

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. In grade school, I used to make up these little stories during lessons- they resembled little low budget horror movies where everyone would die in some kind of humorously absurd fashion. It got to the point where people would be waiting after class to read the next one or they'd be people from other classes begging to be in the next one. That's when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

I sort of put writing on the back burner once I entered into High School and then college. It wasn't "cool," I guess. I became interested in other things like sports and music. I'd still dabble around a bit, but I never attempted anything substantial.

It wasn't until I met my fiancee, who too loves to write, that I really took my writing serious again. For an anniversary we decided to to write a novel together and see what happened from there. We ended up with "Grey Eyes," a story with characters that we've fallen in love with. We're hopeful readers will too!

 *You co- wrote Grey Eyes with your fiancee, Quinteria Ramey. Where did you get the idea for Grey Eyes?

We got the idea for Grey Eyes from a Taylor Swift music video! I believe it's called "Love Story." It's about a guy and a girl, and they're sneaking around to meet one another in the distant past. Then at the end of the video, they meet on a college campus in the present. It got us thinking like, wow, that could be a pretty cool story. Lover's who find one another across time. We used angels and vampires as vehicles to explain how each of them could live forever.

*I love the cover art for Grey Eyes. Who designed it and how much say did you have the cover art?

I actually designed the cover myself. I knew it needed to be eye - catching and I must have poured over images for days before I found one I was happy with. In the end, I'm happy with what we have.

*Your main character Ana is a conjurer! What exactly is a conjurer?

A conjurer is a witch whose powers exceed what is naturally possible. Witches (at least my witches) area able to command nature to do their bidding, but they are still bound by the laws of nature. For example, a witch can create a fire by simply commanding nature to create enough friction to do so, but they cannot make a fire that doesn't burn. Conjurer's are feared witches, and being a conjurer will make Ana's life very stressful in the second half of Grey Eyes.

*Do you have any advise for aspiring authors?

Three things: Keep reading, keep writing and never give up on yourself.

* Why should we read, Grey Eyes?

If you're looking for a new take on vampires and witches then this is the book for you. It also features an amazing love story that's filled with action and impossible choices. You'll be thoroughly entertained if you decide to give it a try!

Finally some quickfire questions:

Summer or Winter? Winter

Night or Day? Night

Fiction or Non-fiction? Fiction

Movies or Music? Movies

Favourite colour? Blue

Favourite place to write? Tie between home office and book store

Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere my family is

Favourite book? Hunger Games

*If you where stranded on a desert island which three items would you bring?

I would bring a pen, paper and a book.

Grey Eyes is the first of the Forever Trilogy and is available now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ibooks.The second book in the series Brown Eyes was released on June 25th, it "recived a warm reception and sits near the top of the children's bestseller list on Amazon along with Grey Eyes". Brandon and Quinteria are currently working on the third book, Angel Eyes, "it will bring Ana's story to a thrilling and satisfying end for those who have followed the entire trilogy."

Follow Brandon on Twitter: @balston82 and check out his blog

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