YA Feature: Introducing YA author Kristina Caden

This week on Reading Away The Days YA feature is YA author Kristina Caden. Kristina Caden is the author of upcoming YA paranormal romance novel, My Sister's Destiny! Please show some comment love for Kristina and enjoy the interview :)

*Title of novel:  My Sister’s Destiny
*Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance
*Release date:  September 2011

 About My Sister's Destiny:

Cadence Macoby feels like something’s missing.  A vacant hole haunts her life.  Never laughing. Never crying. Cadence lives an existence that barely feels alive. She isn't the only one, her parents feel it too. When she meets handsome, mysterious Cole, he helps Cadence unlock the secrets that hide in her past, and the magic within her soul, allowing her to experience feelings of her own for the very first time. Bound to a destiny she doesn't ask for, Cadence must face an evil she never dreams possible, if she wants to find the missing piece of her broken heart. 

Kristina's writing journey so far:

I always enjoyed reading and writing as hobbies. After completing my master’s degree in Psychology, I discovered YA.   My obsession with all things Young Adult, coupled with some fabulously supportive friends, provided the perfect backdrop for pursuing a new career path. .  I met with some other new writers and dove in!  It has been an amazing experience, heightened by the development of Entwined Publishing, LLC.  The company I co-own with Mia Castile.

*Where did you get the idea for My Sister's Destiny?

I woke up with an image of a girl with long dark hair running through the woods.   I could feel her panic, and hear her shaky breaths as she broke branches beneath her hurried feet.   It stuck with me for days.   I started writing about her, and the rest of the story just evolved, one line after the other.  

*How are you feeling in the run up to your debut, nervous, excited?

I’m very excited!  It’s been a long process, and I can’t wait to share the end result!

*What is it about writing YA that you love?

I love YA because of its easy conversational flow, and more innocent view of life.  There is something pure about the passion a teenager has.  Limitless.  It encompasses everything.  It's how they view the world, and how they love.  Even with bad experiences behind them, they are open to change.  Less set in their way of life.   They simply have more hope, and that makes for a beautiful story.  Regardless of what I'm writing, with hope, I can take it anywhere.  

*Why should we read your debut novel, My Sister's Destiny?

My Sister’s Destiny is about a girl who finds her way quite unexpectedly.  She experiences strength, bravery, love, heartache, and peace.  She finds her true meaning in the world, while fighting for love.  These are qualities I love to read about.  I hope other readers do too.     

Kristina's Book History:

*Favourite book as a child? 

I adored Hans Christian Andersen as a child.  I would get lost in his fairy tales, and pretend for hours with his visions in my mind.  My favorite was The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

*Favourite book as a teenager?

Sadly, I didn’t read much a part from school assignments during my teenage years. 

*A book that has stuck with you and why?

Sea, by Heidi Kling is definitely one of those books that have stuck with me.  I adored the main character.  It was such a beautiful story of friendship, love, and being a part of something greater than you.  I could read it over and over, and still cry at the end. 

*Which character do you think you most resemble in any book and why?

 I’m more of an emotional writer, and don’t really see myself in other characters.  However, because emotions are my muse, I identify with the situations the characters find themselves in.  How it makes them feel, and how they resolve it.   I may not look at a character and think their “traits” are like my own, but I do relate to the pain/happiness/love they endure throughout their story.  A perfect example of this is The Hollow Trilogy, by Jessica Verday.  One of my absolute favorite stories ever.

Thank you so much to Kristina for taking the time to do this interview with me! Make sure to check out her debut novel, My Sister's Destiny in September!

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  1. Thank you Megan for this wonderful interview. I admire Kristina Caden and am glad that you interviewed her. It is nice to know that I have my love Hans Christiaa...n Anderson in common the awesome Kristina Caden.

    The book My Sister's Destiny has intrigued me from the moment I glimpsed details of it. I will be the first in line to purchase this book and hopefully get an author signature!

    River Jordan

  2. A lovely interview!!

    The book sounds incredible and the cover is gorgeous. I am definitely adding this to my TBR pile

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    Am looking forward to reading Jessica Verday's books.