Blog Tour: Wanted: Dead or Undead (Character Profile)

Character Profile:

Full Name: Elisabeth Story aka RED

Species: Human

Age: 17 years old

Height: 5' 6"

Characteristics: Long red hair, fair skin, green eyes. There are other physical characteristics I can't share--part of the story and her secret.

Likes: She longs for human connection. It's what she really wants, but her fears of watching the people she loves die over and over again, she doesn't want to let anyone too close. She likes honesty and truthful people.

Dislikes: God, the zombie plague, everyone (because she has no idea who she can trust). She hates the act of killing zombies, especially zombie children, that's hard on her. Dishonesty.

Strengths: Tough, strong, smart, can wield a sword like no other and shoot better than most men.

Weaknesses: She's a young girl in a world that favors tough men.

Fears: Losing everyone she loves, watching them die, and being alone.

Dreams: Wants life to be the way it once was, normalcy.

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