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A little about the online YA magazine, Wovenmyst.com!

Wovenmyst.com started as a wordpress writing blog by Hebah Abdelqader. Hebah started writing poetry at a young age and slowly found her way into writing flash fiction. As a way to archive her work she created a writing blog.

The blog slowly grew into a book blog, and as she started reading more young adult novels she realized that there is more to a book than the words written on the page.

Hebah wanted to highlight every aspect of creating a young adult novel. With the industry growing, the focus is still solely on the books and their authors (which we love for their imagination, and their commitment to share their worlds with us) But what about the cover art Photographers, the audiobook Narrators, Agents, Publicists, and book Blogger?

Hebah decided they deserve a piece of the spotlight too. She began contacting them and they were all excited for the idea, but a blog wasn’t the place to highlight their work. The idea of a Young Adult Magazine was born then.

Why change from a blog to a YA Magazine?

Owning a book blog is hard work. Blog owners need to prove themselves to publishers. Publishers need to see quality content and commitment before they approach a blog. Approaching publishers with the idea of a magazine, they needed to see that we are serious. We had the experience, excellent content, the commitment, and the ideas. All we needed was their support. The final step was to stand out of the crowd and present our self in a professional manner. Creating WovenMyst.com Young Adult Magazine was the solution.

What can you expect to see on online YA magazine?

Everything. Hebah envisions the magazine growing from one that feature Young Adult books to one that also features Artists, Designers, and Architects. The Key word is “Young.” It’s not a symbol of age; we mean young in experience.

Being a young designer herself, Hebah fears that the world doesn’t acknowledge the brilliance of its fresh experimenting minds.

Experience and time is what usually results in recognition, but young adults have raw talent that should be recognized before it’s tampered with by time and experience.

Wovenmyst.com is currently in the beta stage with the site and are currently looking for some people to join the site. Interested?

We are looking for professionalism first and foremost. We are looking for someone who wants to be apart of our team, someone who wants to grow with us, and help our magazine grow to become successful. Our team is made up of passionate readers, bloggers and writers. We are currently looking for Publicists. Not to publicize the magazine, but to help publicize books. Someone who is willing to go out there and look for the latest Cover arts and book trailers, participate in author chats and write about the events, and conduct their own author chats. If you think you could be part of our team please contact Hebah Abdelqader wovenmyst@gmail.com

Now a little about books with Hebah:
Hebah is a fan of Forbidden Romance whether it’s in a paranormal novel, historical fiction, or a dystopian novel she doesn’t care. She’s a hopeless romantic who feeds her love for love by reading.

A YA author she would highly recommend we read?

Cassandra Clare. But choosing just one is difficult. Have you read Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi? How about Delirium by Lauren Oliver? If you’re looking for some GREAT indie authors check out Abbi Glines author of The Vincent Boys, Kathleen Tucker author of the Casual Enchantment trilogy, and L Caroll author of Destruction from Twins.

Excited for a 2012 release?
We are looking forward reading Julie Kagawas first book THE IMMORTAL RULES in her new series BLOOD OF EDEN! We loved her Iron Fey series and we can’t wait to see how she makes the switch from Fairies to Vampires.

Favourite cover of 2012 so far?

Hebah loves fashion and beautiful dresses, so she favors covers that combine both.

Favorite 2012 Cover Art already released is Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Favorite 2012 Cover Art yet to be Released is Dreamless by Josephine Angelini Favorite 2012 non Girl/Dress related Cover Art is Black Heart by holly Black

What are you waiting for? Head over and check it out www.wovenmyst.com

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