Review: The Statistical Probability of love at first sight by Jennifer E.Smith

Book: The Statistical Porbability of love at first sight
Author: Jennifer E.Smith
Released: March 2012
Publisher: Headline
Pages: 215
Obtained a copy from my local library

Hadley is flying to London for her dad's wedding.
Oliver is flying home to London.

If Hadley had made her first flight she would have never met Oliver and the events that occured due to them meeting would never have happened. Imagine being four minutes late for a flight. Those four minutes changed eerything for Hadley.

As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew I would love it! I am a typical romantic and believe that love at first sight can really happen. I just loved this story!

Hadley is your typical teenager. Her mother and father are divorced and she is still angry at her father for leaving her and her mother and moving hundred of miles across the world to live in London. Now her father is getting married and she had to fly to London for the wedding, which she doesn't want to do. She has alot of resentment against her father.

Oliver is heading home to London from University to visit family. He's handsome, charming, British and helps Hadley get over her clastophobia during the flight. There is a strong connection between Oliver and Hadley, it seems like they have known each other forever!

The Statistical Probability of love at first sight is a MUST read. It has great pace (its set over 24 hours) it's about forgiveness, regrets, growing up, understanding people and falling in love. A book that makes you think that the probabilty of falling in love at first sight is a high possibilty!

5/5 Butterflies- An MUST read, couldn't put it down!

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  1. Young Love! Only a few short minutes can change a life forever. Thank you for the review.