Before you start reading this post please understand I am not Megan. No I am not the hacker I am her sister Kerry-Ann! I have been sending various emails so some of you may have recieved one from me by now.

Recently Megan and I found out her email account was hacked we have since got mostly everything sorted out but she has still lost ALL emails! When I say all? I mean ALL! No more inbox, sent emails, even drafts!

I know my sister plans everything in advance so anyone she has been planning interviews, reviews, blog tours with please email  readingawaythedays@yahoo.co.uk and she will reply within 24 hours.

Also if you could forward any sent emails onto her new email account such as interview questions, guest posts, etc.

You may have recieved an email telling you she was stranded somewhere although that is untrue because she is very much here in our bedroom.... :~/ and she doesn't have a twin!! - Just saying!

I know she would really appreciate anyone emailing and letting her know any details you had planned with her or simply emailing to tell her you have added the new email address.

At this stage please DELETE everything associated with her old email address as it will be deleted very shortly.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads this and sorry for any inconvience caused.

Kerry-Ann xx


  1. Oh no! Hope everything sort themselves out ok for Megan! Take care!!

  2. i'm sorry something like that happened. I hope everything will be arranged soon
    Courage and take care

    all the best

  3. Oh, No! So sorry that you've had to deal with this, Megan! :-(

    Please contact me at lyndamullalyhunt (at) gmail (dot) com, so I have your new address. Then, I'll have a place to send the interview answers. :-)

    Take care, Megan!