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RedheartHey Jackie! It's great to have you back on my blog. Redheart, the first book in the Leland Dragon series was a great success. What are your thoughts on last year’s Redheart success?

It’s so heartening to know my work is out there, in the hands of readers! I’ve always had a love affair with books, and to be a part of the process of creating them is an honor.

Sela, the second book in the Leland Dragon Series released last month. Can you tell us a little about Sela?

SELA is the story of the next generation of Leland. In Esra Province, the neighboring realm, Venur Vorham Riddess is still trying to get his hands on the crystals in those Leland Mountains. His plan is nefarious and underhanded, but, unfortunately, legal in the strictest sense – he wants to marry a Leland maiden to join the provinces. Sela finds herself entangled in this political morass, with consequences that stir up the long-held bitterness between humans and dragons.

What has been the response from readers about, Sela?

Sela (Leland Dragon Series #2)The response has been so encouraging. I’ve found new readers who enjoy SELA, and go back to read REDHEART as a result, as well as those who have read REDHEART and have found SELA as a satisfying continuation. These early days since SELA’s release have been exciting.

In Redheart, the story surrounds Kallon Redheart (dragon) and Riza Diantus (human). Sela from what I can tell is about Kallon's and Riza daughter, Sela. How does Sela's personality and traits differ or are the same as her mother and father's?

One reader’s comment in reading SELA was "You’ve done a great job of making her a blend of the two personalities." Sela is definitely an adventurous soul, who feels bound up in her human skin. She’s trapped between two worlds, as much on the outside as on the inside.

The artwork for both Redheart and Sela is great! Which cover do you prefer, the Redheart cover or Sela cover?

Trying to choose which cover I prefer is sort of like asking me to sort through a handful of M&Ms for a favorite! I adore them both, but I like them best when they’re next to each other, borrowing colors.

Next summer sees the release of the third book in the Leland series. Will this be the final book in the series?

I’ve definitely envisioned three books for the series; just enough to make sure the whole story has been told. But I do have plenty of world to explore, and I encourage readers and fans to come up with their own "scrolls" from Leland’s history. Stories and artwork can be submitted via the Leland Dragons website.

Why should we read the Leland Series?

You should read the Leland Series because books are antioxidants for the mind! And the Leland Dragons have a unique perspective and a message for anyone that has ever wanted to learn how to fly.

Jackie Gamber is the award-winning author of "Redheart" and "Sela", Books One and Two of the Leland Dragon Series, now available! For more information about Jackie and her mosaic mind, visit

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