Children's Book Event: Day 3: Review of Hairy Maclary, Shoo by Lynley Dodd

Welcome to day 3 of my Childrens Book Event that lasts all September! For day 3 I have a review of a childrens book for two and up that was reccommended to me by my librarian as a popular book for young children.

Enjoy the review and leave me a comment if you have read any of Lynley Dodd's Books or you have read any of them to your children!
Hairy Maclary, Shoo!
Book: Hairy MacClary, Shoo
Author: Lynley Dodd
Publisher: Puffin
Pages: 30

Hairy MacClary, Shoo is a great book for children aged 2-5 years. It's about a small dog called Hairy MacClary who is playing with this other dog friends out in the sun when he jumps into a delivery van and ends up getting stuck in the van and taken into town where he goes on a chaotic adventure though toy shops and schools before being resuced and brought home by Miss Plum to be reunited with his doggy friends.

Hairy MacClary, Shoo is a fun read for both boys and girls. The illustrations are colourful and vibrit and depicts what is happening in the story perfectly. The story is fun and the writing flows as each sentence ryhmes:

"Round every corner they wobbled and bopped till, far from the Dairy, they finally stopped"
Hairy MacClary, Shoo by Lynley Dodd

"A highly reccommend fun read for children aged 2-5years!"

There are many more Hairy MacClary adventures which you can find more about on goodreads!

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  1. My nephew loves the Hairy MacClary books, they are the only way to get him to sit still for five minutes.

  2. My son is 4 and loves dogs i must look out for these in town next and see if he likes the look. As hes very picky but decisive