Cursed Release day Blitz: Review & Giveaway

Today is the release of Cursed by Jennifer L.Armentrout and I am excited to tell you all what I thought of the book! Check out the review and the awesome giveaway that Spencer Hill Press are having to celebrate the release!
Book: Cursed
Author: Jennifer L.Armentrout
Release day: Today :) 18th September 2012
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Pages: 288
Recieved ARC for review via publishers

Cursed by Jennifer L.Armentrout! What can I say about it? It was AMAZING! This is the first book I have read by Jennifer L.Armentrout and it won't be the last. I couldn't put it down!

Ember is a great female protagonist. She is not your average teenager. Ever since a fatal car crash that killed her father and left her mother a shell of herself her life has changed dramatically. Not only does she have to look after her little sister, Olivia, who can bring things back to life with a simple touch but she has to deal with the fact that her touch can do the opposite, kill! And her unique ability is all thanks to her little sister who bought her back to life during the fatal car crash that killed their father. (Epic I know)

Ember is such a caring and loving sister. She looks after Olivia single handily and has to deal with everything, not just making sure Olivia doesn't strave to death but that know one finds out about their gifts or curse as Ember believes hers is. Step in amazing, mysterious and handsome Hayden Cromwell. (My new fictional love) Ember sees Hayden hanging around and is intrigued by him. Tragedy then strikes and Ember finds herself under the care of Cromwell, Hayden's father. There she discovers that there are more people out there with different gifts and that the fatal accident that killed her father and herself might not have been an accident after all.

The journey Ember goes on is a hard one. Discovering secrets and herself along the way. Imagine not being able to touch anyone because you will kill them. Not being able to kiss the boy you love are comfort your little sister. Ember struggles though this and comes out the end of it showing she is a great female protagonist.

The book was fast paced and exciting, and I loved learning about all the other teenagers gifts and their personalities and the effect their gift had on them. Also the mystery of the car "accident" that left Ember with her gift or curse ( you decide which it is) will keep you hooked. It did make me think it was a few certain characters and near the end I did figure out who it was however it does keep you on your toes!

I really enjoyed Cursed. It has a great storyline, romance and characters. If you love paranormal you will love it, if you love Jennifer's writing you will love it, heck if you love a great read you will love it.

Jennifer is a fantastic author and I can't wait to read more of her work. Cursed is the best book I have read this year!

5/5 Stars (More if goodreads allowed :) )

Check out the awesome giveaway, Spencer Hill Press are having to celebrate the release! Prizes include a $25 Amazon giftcard, a copy of the book, a shirt and lots of SWAG!

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  1. Hi! I don't know if the giveaway is international! JLA is one of my favorite authors! She had me with Obsidian. I haven't read Cursed, but i'm really excited to! :D

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    thank you for this giveaway because it's one that i don't have yet^^

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  15. Great review. I am so glad you loved the book. It's great isn't it. I wish their was a sequel.

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