Childrens Book Event: Day one: Memories of Reading & Giveaway

Hi! Welcome to my Children's Book Event that will be running the whole month of September! I will have interviews with children's authors, giveaways, guest posts and interviews/guest posts with children's illustrators! The purpose of this event is to encourage young children to read as there is so many great books out there. I hope you will all come along for ride with me! Lets go through the wardrobe to Narnia, hop on the Hogwarts express and enter the world of Wonderland!

Do you remember your first memories of reading? - I don't really remember the books I read when I was very young but I do remember reading alot of Mary Kate and Ashley books, from the Two of a Kind books, to So Little Time series, to the Sweet Sixteen books and I read there books that where movies as well! I really like them and I still have them :)

I thought I would ask some authors, bloggers and one of my local librarians their first memories of reading and I got some great answers! You can check them out below! After you have read them leave a comment and let me know what your first memories of reading is and anyone who comments will be entered into a draw to win some swag!

"My first memory of reading as a child is….. That’s a really tough one to answer… Probably Beatrix Potter and the Tales of Peter Rabbit.. Introduced to me by my mother…" Joe O'Brien author of the Alfie Green Series and recent release Beyond the CherryTree

                                                            "My first memory of reading on my own was with my mom. She had my sister come in the room while I stuttered over every word. My sister was not pleased."
Victoria Scott is a YA writer represented by Laurie McLean. Her debut book will be, THE COLLECTOR: A DANTE WALKER NOVEL (Entangled Teen, March 2013). Victoria has a master's degree in marketing, and lives in Dallas with her husband. When not writing, she can be found grubbing on cotton candy and snuggling obese cats. You can cyber-stalk Victoria online on her website or on Twitter.  

"My earliest memory is being on holidays when I could have been no more than four or five and being read a chapter of the Wizard of Oz every night when I went to bed. Even now I can still remember getting upset when the lion fell asleep in the poppy field and eagerly awaiting the next night’s instalment to find out what happened. Spoiler Alert: he was rescued!" Bob Burke author of The Third Pig Dectective Agency    

                                                        "My family didn’t have much, but we did have a pile of picture books with amazing pictures. My mother is an artist and has always gravitated towards art, so our picture books reflected it. The first book I can recollect was about an elephant with a feather up its trunk. It’s called “Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas and Wallace Tripp. The story and illustrations are amazing! Even before I could read I would flip through that book and gawk at the pictures. Just lovely."Anne Tibbets author of Shut Up and The Beast Call

"My godmother, who always gave perfect presents, gave me a toy panda. He was made by an Irish company called Tara. I carefully read the company name, and thought it was his name. He was called Terraw by the time Id finished the word. So thats the earliest memory I have of reading, just one word, and since Terraw was an epic companion for me, it was important in its own way."Childrens Author and illustrator Mary Murphy

                                                           "That’s a tough one! Possibly reading There’s a Wocket in my Pocket with my Mum." Oisin McFann author of the Mad Grandad Series and the Forbidden Files Series

"One of my most distinct memories is when I was very young, my grandfather was in the hospital and I couldn't go see him. So, I recorded myself reading my new book, The Three Little Kittens, on a tape recorder so it could be taken to be played." Amanda from Letters Inside

                                                             "I remember flipping through books in the library children's section for hours. My father would take me and my twin brother there and it was heaven" YA author of A Dark Faerie Tale series & Reign of Blood

"I remember my parents teaching me to read Ladybird "read it yourself" books, helping me to recognise words I had learned at school." Wendy Murdoch a local librarian

Head over and check out where Lisa will be posting her answers to some questions including here first memory of reading and also to blog where she will be posting her answers as well!

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  1. I remember going to the library as a young child and leaving with 13 books on a lot of different topics. It's amazing how those early reads shaped my interests today! A book on female goddesses? Yes please! The Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O'Shea? Of course! The Silmerillion on a winters night next to a heater and the Hounds of Baskervilles complete with a cinnamon stick- fondest memories ever!

  2. My first memory of reading is getting my Ben and Tara book from my school bag and going to my room intent on reading it myself with no help. I did it and was so proud.