Author Interview: Tricia Drammeh

I have the pleasure of having author Tricia Drammeh on Reading Away The Days today. Her new novel The Claiming Words the first book in her new YA fantasy series launches offically today. Enjoy the interview and check out The Claiming Words!

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

Im the mother of four wonderful kids ranging in age from eleven to twenty-two. I currently live in St Charles, Missouri. Reading has always been a great passion of mine, and though Id often thought about writing a book, I didnt attempt it until about two years ago. Ive always been the sort of person whose imagination is on overdrive and Im constantly running dialogue and scenarios in my mind. It was one of these crazy conversations between imaginary friends that brought The Claiming Words to life.

Can you tell us about your first book in your new YA fantasy series, The Claiming words?

The Claiming Words introduces the two main characters, Alisa and Rachel. The girls have grown up together in a small town in Georgia, but theyre complete opposites, so theyve never been friends. Everything changes when Jace moves to town. Both girls are attracted to him; one discovers his secret. Shy, introverted Alisa saves him from a Hunter and becomes part of Jace and his familys lives. Soon, Rachels own secrets are revealed and as it turns out, shes in more danger than she ever imagined possible.

Where did you get the idea for the series?

The characters emerged first and the story line came after. It was a random question that kicked things off: “What would happen if two brothers fell in love with the same girl?” The story didnt exactly follow that line of thought, but thats how it all began.

The Claiming words has hunters and demons in it. What other creatures can we look forward to in The Claiming words?

Hunters, Demons, and Witches are the main paranormal entities in the series, though a few other creatures are introduced later in the series. Witches are in a constant battle with Demons. The Demons control Hunters and use these creatures to eliminate Witches. Of course, humans are often caught in the battle between good and evil.

As we know The Claiming words is the first in a series, how many books can we expect?

There are a total of five books in the series; on is a prequel to The Claiming Words. I dont have any plans to write more, but who knows?

Why should we read The Claiming words in one sentence

When dark forces descend upon a small southern town, friendship and romance create the sort of magic even the strongest Demon cannot defeat.

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