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As I review YA books I understand that some of you may be under the age of 18, if that is the case please do not read on. Please do not check out my new blog unless you are over the age of 18!

My sister and I, along with a good friend have started a new blog Confident but Sexy! It's aimed at women of all shapes, sizes, colours and back rounds. It will feature adult content, fashion, books, real life stories and much much more!

We are also currently looking for guest reviewers so if you over the age of 18 and interested check out our first post here: We have also included an Autumn warm up giveaway, various items which you can win are listed in the blog post!

As I am a YA book blogger I will keep both blogs separate so please do not worry about anything. I will also not be posting any adult content on Confident but Sexy! That's what my sister is for!

We all hope you check out the new blog and also enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thanks so much!

Megan! x

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  1. i joined you ( the least i could do) but i'm not sure i will be able to participate a lot ( i lack confidence a lot)

    ps: i sent an email to kerry ann about a arc exchange team for UK blogger, did she spoke to you about it or forwarded the email? i thought it could interest both of you