Update on all the blog going ons! Opinions needed!

Update on all things Reading Away The Days

I just wanted to make this post to give you all an update on things that will be coming up on the blog the rest of this year. This year the blog has been crazy, a good crazy which I am so happy about. I have had some amazing authors on the blog, guest posts and great giveaways and I want to continue this in the future.

Blog Tours:

I don't know if alot of you know this but I started arranging blog tours for authors this year, free of charge as I wanted to give something back to the authors for giving us some great books and I have been overwhelmed with the response to authors wanting blog tours and also bloggers helping me with posting for the tours. I will continue to do them in 2013 but want to involve my followers more by doing a post weekly or monthly on the blog of upcoming tours so you can get involved. It doesn't matter how small or large your blog is everyone is welcome to take part. This is a post I want to start posting in December as I already have 2013 tours lined up! So be on the look out for that. However I still have some spaces left for tours that are happening this year so if you are interested in taking part check the tour tab along the top!

Weekly blog going ons:
I post quite a few posts though the week and you may not like all the posts so I want to do a weekly blog post every Sunday updating you with what is coming up that week on the blog so you can know when something is posting and you can check out a particular post. Also in the weekly update I will be posting if I got any books and also a link to the pass weeks posts. So it will basically be an IMM with blog going on's. I hope this is something you will all like.
I love planning events on the blog and I hope you enjoyed the Children's Book Event in September. If you missed any of the posts you can check them out by clicking the children's book event tab along the top, there are still some great giveaways happening so check them out.
This month is my birthday *YAY* and I have arranged a great GIVEAWAY! 24 PRIZES to 24 WINNERS to celebrate me coming 24 :) :) Most of the giveaways will be International with a few restricted to the US/Canada! The massive giveaway will be coming the 29th October :)
Another event I am super excited about is a YA debut 2013 event running for 3 weeks in January 2013. I know it seems a long way of but it will get here sooner than we think! I have arranged 21 days packed with interviews with 2013 debut authors from a range of publishers with reviews of some of the releases and giveaways where you can win some ARCS of the releases!!! I can't wait to 2013 there are some amazing books releasing !!!!
So there we go what do you all think. I want to know what you think of the weekly updates and the upcoming events and also is there anything you want to see more of or less of on the blog. I will be putting up a little survey later this month to get some insight into what you all think of the blog but if you want to leave me some comments now I would really appreciate it :)
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  1. i would be happy to see the weekly update, it's a great way to check we haven't forgotten, missed something^^

    i will also be waiting for your events because you are planning them well

    take care

  2. I really like the fact that you arrange blog tours. I couldn't even fathom how much work that is and how much time that takes.