#Review Head Over Heart by Colette Victor

Head Over HeartBook: Head Over Heart

Author: Colette Victor

Publisher: Chicken House

Pages: 240

Recived for review

Rating: ✪✪✪

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Zeyneb is like any other thirteen-year-old British girl, juggling the demands of her social life, school work and family. But as a Muslim girl attracted to a non-Muslim boy she has more difficult choices - and one very big decision. Now a woman in the eyes of her religion, she must decide if she will wear a headscarf. Zeyneb wants to make the right choice, not just for her family or friends, but for herself.


"Everyone young and old should read Head Over Heart as it is a story and struggle that is affecting young and old right now across the world."

Head Over Heart is a book about a young girls struggle to find a balance between her faith and the society she lives in. Colette Victor was great at betraying the feelings and confusion Zeyneb was going through. To follow the tradition of her faith but struggling with the demands of her daily life at school and with friends.  Can she be a good Muslim girl and make her family proud and embrace the world she lives in?

Zeyneb is a 13 year old girl brought up in a Muslim household and she is trying to decide whether she should wear a headscarf, she also finds herself falling for a non muslim boy. The woman in her family wear a headscarf but she isn't sure if it's the right thing for her. Throughout Head Over Heart Zeyneb struggles with this decision. She wants to make her family proud but doesn't want to be treated differently by her peers. In the end Zeyneb has to decide is it the right thing for her and not want everyone else wants and thinks.

Head Over Heart feels very real with so many faiths living in the one town or city sometimes even the same household in the world today. And the struggles people young and old go though to fit in. These are emotions and feelings that are happening right now. She doesn't just have to contend with being a typical teenage her faith factors into her decisions. I think Zeyneb comes to realise that her faith is who she is it's not seperate from her.

Head Over Heart may be a story but it's a powerful one. It shows you that we as a society can ridicule someone for being who they are, may it be their religion, their sexual orientation,  if they like one band over and other and we don't stop to think what that person may be going though and the reasons behind it. Head Over Heart is a story that will stick with you!

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