The Alex Effect!

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I have noticed in a few books I have read this year, a trend. An Alex trend! Two book series' I finished this year and another book series I started all had something in common about them. Not that they where awesome because they were but that the lead guys in the books were all called ALEX!

Two of my favourite series' both have an Alex as a leading man in them. There's Alex in the Touch of Death trilogy by Kelly Hashway and there's Alex in the Angel Trilogy by L.A. Weatherly! Both are amazing Alex's and both are awesome book boyfriends!

Even aliens are called Alex, this time spelt Aelyx and pronounced A-licks but to me that's Alex in english. Aelyx appears in Alienated by Melissa Landers one of my favourite reads in 2014 so far.

So there are bound to be more Alex's in many of the books everyone reads. Comment below with your favourite Alex and have you noticed any popular boys names in YA books!

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