Cover Reveal: The Legend of Glory by Devin O'Branagan, books 1 & 2!

I am excited to show you the brand new covers for The Legend of Glory series by Devin O'Branagan. It is a YA Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance and a series I love. If you haven't checked out this series yet I highly recommend you do.
Glory (The Legend of Glory #1)
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Seventeen-year-old Glory Templeton’s blood holds the cure for a deadly pandemic-plague and she embarks on a quest to save humanity. When evil forces conspire to stop her, three supernatural beings are assigned to be her guardians. Forbidden love, mysterious companions, ancient secret societies, and ominous astronomical monuments all contribute to the high adventure that tests the character of this remarkable young woman. The legend of Glory begins!
A prominent Hollywood producer has contracted with Devin O’Branagan to shop The Legend of Glory trilogy as a possible TV or film project.
I floated and it felt good. It was warm and bright and I was at peace.
Dominic appeared. “Don’t go,” he said.
I looked down at my body lying in a soggy ditch in a pool of blood. “I don’t have a choice anymore.”
“I’m here now. I can help if you want me to.”
I didn’t want him to. The world and all its misery had lost its allure. I was done.
He knew what I was feeling and I could feel him too. It was shockingly intimate. He yearned for me to want to return; he needed me to be noble.
“I’m not your salvation,” I said.
I felt his disappointment. He wanted to love humanity for his father’s sake, and I was conscious of his regret at not being able to. I felt his remorse for having failed me, his tenderness for me, and how that new emotion surprised him. I wanted to comfort him and take away his pain. He sensed my affection for him and was moved by it. Our empathic connection was exquisite.
I realized that what we shared at that moment was what everybody longed for—the merging of bodies was a poor imitation of the merging of hearts.
Suddenly, I wanted to do whatever it took to relieve his suffering and the suffering of all those who could benefit from my blood. In that moment, I suffered the pain of all creation. I needed to heal it.
My translucent hand reached for him. “Take me home.”
He didn’t ask which home I meant. His heart knew.
Pretty Sacrifices ( The Legend of Glory #2)
In the post-apocalyptic world following a pandemic, dark angels arrive in Glory’s small hometown to claim the eternal souls of her loved ones. Targeted by evil because of her heroism during the great plague, Glory fights back with the help of gutsy young witch Kaia, inexperienced guardian angel Sasha, and her intrepid demon-fighting dog Hallelujah. Complicating everything, a rift in time reunites Glory with an old flame and forces her to pay a huge price for love. The legend of Glory continues!

Bestselling author Devin O’Branagan writes novels about uncommon heroes. Her genres include young adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, paranormal thrillers, and romantic comedy. She’s been published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books, German publisher Heyne Verlag, Turkish publisher Dogan Egmont, and indie publisher Cornucopia Creations. Her books are available in print, eBook, and audio book formats.
What do you think of the covers? Will you be checking out the series? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!


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