Guest Post: My Writing Space by Karen Saunder's

My Writing Space by Karen Saunder's

Hi, I’m Karen Saunders, and I’m the author of the Suzy P books. I’m here on the blog today to show you my writing space, and to tell you there’s a new Suzy book available to buy now, Suzy P: Forever Me. I’m very excited about it, so I hope you all enjoy it! 

All three of the Suzy P books were written on this very computer, on this very desk. My study is quite small, and actually very messy, although I’m usually a very tidy person, which is why you can’t see much of it, I was too embarrassed. I really need to get a proper filing system sorted out in here. I’ve tidied it up specially to take this photograph, which is probably cheating, but I’m too ashamed to show you it in its full-on messy state. 

My study is our spare room in our house, and it’s the smallest room we have upstairs. 
Down the side of the desk are some of the props I use when I go into schools, such as the box of Jelly Babies. Students are usually very disappointed when they realise there aren’t any Jelly Babies in it!

While I was writing Suzy P, Forever Me that wall behind my monitor was covered with post-its which had all the different chapters written on and what was happening in them. It looks very sparse in here now I’ve taken them all down! This was because I had a few issues getting the plot to work as I wanted it to, so needed something visual to help me move things around. This was something new I tried, and it really did work! I’ve usually got post-its about all sorts of things stuck up around the place to remind me to do all the things I forget about.

My writing room has a very nice view which I often spend far too long staring out of, pretending I’m trying to get inspired, when usually I’m just pondering what I fancy for tea. Don’t tell my editor I said that…

Suzy P, Forever Me; Suzy P and the Trouble With Three and Me, Suzy P by
Karen Saunders are available to buy online and from all good bookshops. If you’d like to find out more about the books or the author, do visit Karen online at, ‘like’ her on Facebook at or follow Karen on Twitter @writingkaren. Suzy tweets too, @suzyputtock, so don’t forget to follow her, too!

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