I heart... Author Kelly Hashway Answers Your Questions!

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Q: Hi Kelly, what attracts you to writing paranormal? From Catherine Stine

A: Hi, Catherine! I've always loved paranormal because it's like our world only better. The idea of beings with supernatural abilities is really intriguing to me and has been since I was very young. It's easy to lose myself in a world of paranormal abilities because there are so many I'd love to have. 

Q: Hi Kelly! Do you have a favorite song? From Cassandra @ Cassandra's writing world

A: Hey, Cassandra. A favorite song? Eek, that's a tough one. Lately I'm obsessed with "Just Tonight" by The Pretty Reckless, but really my favorite song changes with my mood or what book I'm currently writing. I tend to find a song that reflects the tone I'm going for, and I listen to it on repeat until I'm finished with the book. I know I really love the song when I still want to listen to it after all that. ;) One of my all-time favorite songs would have to be "Brown Eyed Girl" since I am one.

Q: You write and also edit other's work- What do you do to rewind, when you need a break from all the worlds? Also: Hello! *waves* From Leandra Wallace

A: *Waves* Hello to you! Believe it or not, I read. I love words. I find if I'm not writing or editing, I want to be reading. But on the occasions when I need a break from it all, I turn up some music and sing and dance with my daughter, who doesn't mind that mommy can't dance or sing very well.

Q: What inspired you to become a writer? From Kerry-Ann @Reading A Little Bit Of Everything

A: Hi, Kerry-Ann. When I first learned to read, I was hooked. To me, authors were the coolest people ever. I used to read so much I'd get eyestrain, so I decided to start writing as well. I remember writing poems, short stories, and even my first novel in elementary school. It's just part of who I am.

Q:Why are you so awesome? From Megan @ Reading Away The Days (Thats from me :-P )

A: Aw, Megan, YOU are the awesome one. <3 Thanks so much for having me.

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