U.S. Virtual Road Trip- Day 32- New York

Today we are in New York with author Michael Buckley. I read his novel Undertow earlier this year and loved it. It was fantastic, I think it my even be my favourite book of the year so far. You can check out my review here. Let's see what awaits us in New York.

Places to visit in New York

One of my favorite places in New York is called Fire Island. It's a little barrier island off the coast of Long Island. It has six or seven distinct neighborhoods but my favorite is called Fair Harbor.  You can't drive there - you have to take a ferry and when you arrive you put all your things into a little red wagon and drag it along the wooden walkways that act as streets. The houses are not fancy, in fact, most of them are fishing shacks or little bungalow. There's one tiny market, a wine store, and an ice cream shop - hardly any wifi - still, it's the most fun I've ever had on a vacation.

Food in New York

When you come to Brooklyn you are really entering a food paradise. We have some of the best restaurants in the country but the star, in my opinion, is Peter Luger's Steakhouse. You have never eaten a steak like this - it's amazing and I'm not even that much of a red meat eater. Plus they serve these giant bowls of creamed spinach and fried potatoes and the best pecan pie I have ever had

Quirky New York

 A list of quirky places in New York would be way too long. New York is a big place with wildly different towns, but I'd say if you're coming you have to visit Coney Island. I set my latest book Undertow there because it's the most colorful neighborhood in Brooklyn. It's the home of the world famous hot dog eating contest as well as a flamboyant and outrageous mermaid parade. Every winter the polar bear club hosts a plunge into the ocean that attracts thousands of daredevils. People from all over the world visit to ride one of the world's oldest wooden rollercoasters, The Cyclone. You can get your palm read, eat fried oysters, and see a sword swallower in the same afternoon.  

Famous New York

Famous people in New York? That's another list that's way too long. New York City is the home of an incredible number of celebrities.  Brooklyn has it's fair share of famous authors, but it's also not unusual to walk down the street and see Michelle Williams or Keri Russell. We're so used to seeing famous people that it's really not a big deal anymore. I suppose that's why famous folks stay here - they get to be normal people in NYC. Well, maybe not Taylor Swift - people still hound her everywhere she goes. Lol

Book in New York

NYC is the setting for so many books - most notably Harriet the Spy which is set on the upper east side of Manhattan. As for authors, it's the home of Jon Scieszka, Adele Griffin, Gayle Foreman, E. Lockhart, Peter Brown, Libba Bray, Jenny Han, Melissa Walker, Micol Ostow, Courtney Scheinmel, Adam Gidwitz, Mike Curato, Ruth Chan, Bianca Turetsky, Kirstin Miller, Lauren Oliver, Melissa Guion, Anna Godbersen - the list goes on and on. I often say if you throw a rock out my bedroom window you'd kill a famous author.

Connect with Michael Buckley

On Twitter I'm @michaelwbuckley and instagram @michaelbuckleywrites
tumblr - michaelbuckleywrites and blog - www.michaelbuckleywrites.com

New York has never been a place I have wanted to visit but I think I should at least once in my life time especially to visit Coney island. What do you think of New York?

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  1. I have been to New York before, but only for a couple of days. I loved the peace & quiet in Battery Park!