Virtual U.S Road Trip- Texas

Today is our on our virtual road trip and we are in Texas. Our guide on this stop is Deb over @ reader buzz. I hope you enjoy her post and don't forget to leave her a comment. Have you been Texas? Is there a book you love or an author you love from Texas? 

Enjoy your day in Texas!

                                                   --Davy Crockett

I'm Deb Nance from Readerbuzz and I've been asked to guide you on a virtual road trip through Texas by Megan of Reading Away the Days.

Well, dadgumit, I just can't do it. Texas is too big. Texas is too awesome.

So instead, I'm just going to share a few things about my home state that I adore.

Things I like about Texas:

Beautiful Texas fencing.

Horses headed down the streets of my town.

We Texans think about this a lot.

A pink cowboy hat goes with everything.

Texas cannons on the grounds of the Capitol can't help but make you feel safe.

You might get lucky enough to marry a good ol' Texas boy.
You will live in Texas forever.

We are all filled with a little swagger here in Texas. Yes, we are proud. There's the Alamo, for goodness sake. And Sam Houston. LBJ. Cowboys. Barbed wire. Oil. John Wayne, right? Football. Good grief, yes, there's football.

What are the don't-miss-'em moments in Texas?

                                  They Say...                                        But I Say...

                                    Barbecue                                         Tex-Mex

                            The Austin Capitol                           Austin's 6th Street

                        San Antonio Riverwalk                    Museum of Texan Cultures

                       Big Bend National Park                   Davis Mountains State Park

                         The Texas State Fair                        The Texas Book Fesitval


Now let's get down to the reason for this party:  books set in Texas. Here are a list of books you just can't miss, all set in the Lone Star state....

Lonesome Dove


The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog

Friday Night Lights

Isaac's Storm

Remember Ben Clayton

The Promise by Ann Weisgarber

Kinky Friedman's Guide to Texas Etiquette, 
or How to Get to Heaven or Hell Without Going through Dallas/Ft. Worth

Lone Star: A History of Texas and Texans

Love is a Wild Assault

Ghosts Along the Brazos

Johnny Texas

Want more Texas? Try these:

63 Things to Do if You Just Had One Year to Texas

Texas Monthly's 50 Best Books About Texas

101 Reasons You Should Live in Texas at Least Once in Your Life

Thanks Deb. I hope you all enjoyed Deb's post. Leave me and Debz a comment on your thoughts in the comments below.

Tomorrow we will be in Utah with author Ednah Walters

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  1. I so want to go to Austin to see the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn's statue and other things related to him!

  2. Thanks, Megan, for sharing my Texas with the world.