Author's I discovered in 2016

This year my reading taste really changed and I discovered a lot of new to me authors that I fell in love with. Here is four new authors I discovered in 2016:

First I discovered Tiffany Reisz thanks to my sister. My sister is the one who forced me to read Fifty Shades Of Grey and it changed my reading habits. Tiffany Reisz was another author she told me I needed to read especially her Red and White Years series and I put them of for so long. Come on a priest who's kinky, I just couldn't read it, that was taking erotica and BDSM too far but boy was I wrong. Yes it's tough reading at parts, it's shocking, its hellva kinky but its so bloody good. Definitely an author on my to buy list.

Another author I discovered is YA author Emery Lord. When I read When We Collided I fell in love. It was my favorite YA book of the year and I need more Emery Lord books in my life. Emery is a contemporary author and if you know me you know am not a big contemporary reader but I know I will read everything Emery publishes as not only are her stories raw and beautiful her writing is even more beautiful. 

JR Ward is my most recent discovery of the year. I love a good long urban fantasy series and JR Ward has served it up on a nice big platter for me. This being an adult urban fantasy series with vampires that is currently at I think 15 books and has a spin off series. What is not to love? I am on book 7 of the series, which is the black dagger hood brother series {I forgot to mention that} and they are BIG books. I think the one I am on is over 700 pages so they are not to be entered into lightly but I definitely highly recommended them!

Finally LA Casey is another author I discovered and again it is thanks to my sister. LA Casey writes, New Adult/Adult books and the series I picked up was the Slater Brothers Series and hot dam it is so good. Each book deals with a different brother and I love these brothers!!!! I definitely need to read more of LA Casey's books. 

Have you discovered any new to you authors in 2016?

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