Christmas Gift Guide For Book Lovers

It is my favorite time of the year, Christmas! And I am so excited to see what bookish goodies I receive as gifts this year. My mum always gets me the most cutest bookish trinkets for my bookshelf and I hope I receive some this year {Fingers Crossed}

I decided what better timing than to put together a list of bookish items I have my eye on in the hopes that it might inspire you to spot some items for the bookworm in your life

Your probably thinking that this is such a obvious choice of a gift for a bookworm but sometimes the obvious is overlooked. You could get the bookish person in your life a book of their wishlist. Are a classic which I think is the easy way to go. Lately I have been wanting so many different editions of  classics especially children's classics, there are so many pretty editions out there and I need them all. One I really want is the Anne Of Green Gables, Puffin in Bloom edition.

A book lover NEEDS book merch, it's like Beauty without Beast, Ron without Hermione its a must in a book lovers life.

Bookmarks are of course another obvious one. There are so many different types of bookmarks out there, wooden ones, magnetic ones, gorgeous hand made water color ones. I want them all. There are so many esty bookish shops that do bookmarks, some of my favorites are currently on breaks but you can easily find some in a quick search.

There are so many book subscriptions and like bookmarks I want them all. But at the top of my list is an Owlcrate and Fairyloot box. They are some of the most beautiful book subscriptions out there. I need them!!! 

Get Owlcrate here & Fairyloot here

Who doesn't love a cup of tea or coffee while reading? And what a perfect way to drink it than in a bookish mug. My favourite wishlist mugs come from Evie Seo's store. {I actually want everything in her store} As I love Peter Pan I of course want one of her Peter Pan mugs they are just so, so beautiful.

Credit to Readsleepfangirl

Check out Evie's store here

Bookish Candles are everywhere. I think every book worm has one but sadly I don't, yet! Most of the bookish candle stores I have found are in the US but recently I discovered a UK esty store that has some beautiful candles, among other cute bookish trinkets. You need to check out Bookworm Candles and Crafts here

Credit to above store

I love bookish jewellery and one of my favorite stores is Pretty Drastic. The pieces are just beautiful. Some of my favorites are:

Check out all the other amazing pieces here

Finally bookish Art Prints. I have been loving art prints so much lately. And I know my awesome sister has got me a beautiful Peter Pan print for Christmas and I am so excited to display it. Now an art print store I love is Subject Art, they have so many contemporary bookish prints including some amazing Disney ones I want so bad! Check them out here

What bookish merch do you want for Christmas? Do you see anything the 
bookworm in your life will love?


  1. Art prints are great. And I like bookmarks and of course books as gifts as well. Those book subscription boxes are kinda cool as well, Owlcrate and the other ones. Those would be an awesome gift!

    1. I am definitely loving art prints at the minute. I want a book subscription so bad!!

  2. Yes...i want them all. I love coffee mugs and book marks!

    1. Lol so do I. I love coffee mugs to I have way too many!