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What is Booktube? For all you that don't know Booktube is people who love books posting videos about there love of books on Youtube. Heist the name Booktube. Booktube has become really popular over the last few years and I adore watching some of my favorite Booktubers videos. Today I wanted to highlight the booktubers I love and recommen to you!

Now I am only subscribed to 13 "booktubers" and I love them all but I do have favorites that if they upload a video I am straight on to watch there videos. I wanted to share my love for my top three favorites and why you should check out their videos:

Up first is the person I have been subscribed to the longest out of my top three and that is Sam @ Thoughts On Tomes I actually found Sam though another booktuber that I love Sarah Jane @ The Book Life. Sam is just so honest in all her videos which I really appreciate and you can really tell she is passionate about books. Even if the book isn't in a genre I usually read I always check out her recommendations because a lot of the time Sam can change my mind. Sam just hit 25k subs and it is well deserved. I highly recommend you check Thoughts On tomes out.


Up next is Hailey @ Hailey In Bookland Hailey is my most recent subscription but that doesn't matter I just love her videos. When I subscribed I back logged watched a years worth of her videos and I am not sorry about that. Hailey loves Alice In Wonderland and classics which is evident in her videos and I am not a massive classics fan apart from you all know I am obsessed by Peter Pan but I have found myself adding classics to my wishlist thanks to Hailey. She is just so passionate about books and it really comes though in her videos. Again I highly recommend you check out Hailey. 

Finally my favorite Booktuber I love to watch is Emma @ Emmma Books I literally can't get enough of Emma's videos. Her reviews and discussions are so engaging and her passion and love for books just hits you and even if you didn't like books I feel Emma would make you like books! Emma is not afraid to talk about subjects many people stay away from in the book community and I just love her videos. You all need to hop over and check Emma out.. like now!

Do you watch Booktube? Who are some of your favorites?

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  1. Thank you for the extremely kind shout out! You make me blush XD <3 x