Review: Emoji Stories

Who doesn't love an Emoji? Everyone I know uses them, some of my personal favorites being Heart Eyes and Pile Of Poo. Well your emoji lives just got better. You can now read Emoji Stories, done Mr Men style-e (Yea am making words up now)

We have four so far, Sassy Girl which is all about Sassy Girl getting her super-sassiness. Pile Of Poo joining "Emojibook" and finding out life on the internet is hard. To Laughing Crying Emoji, starting a blog and offending all the Emoji's in town. And finally Heart Eyes story of her love for 2MOJI, the hottest boy band in town and vlogging about it on Emojitube.

All four books are hilarious and are written in a tongue in cheek style. The Emoji versions of popular social media sites and how they are incorporated into the story are so good. They are in my opinion over the top about all the things many people stress and share about on the internet  which makes them comedy gold. Like how good we look in our profile pictures, do we really need to worry about this, Pile Of Poo seems to think so. To our love of popular boy bands, who doesn't love to fangirl!!

I  think these books would make a great last minute stocking filler for anyone. I as a 28 year old woman who really appreciated the humor and I think a 15 year old would as well. There is also a Emoji activity book where you can "Scribble, stick, doodle, draw and design" using thousands of Emoji Stickers. I loved doing doing this and I think anyone will. 

Let's Discuss:

Who do you think would appreciate these in your life? I think my sister's boyfriend definitely would!

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sending me the books in exchange for an honest review.

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