Favorite Christmas Movies

Who doesn't love a good Christmas Movie? From Elf to A White Christmas to The Santa Claus movies. I love curling up with a cosy blanket and a hot cup of tea and a good movie on TV. I wanted to tell you some of my favorite that I love to watch this time of year.

One of my favorites by far is Miracle on 34th Street, the 1994 one with the late Richard Attenborough . This was one of my favorite's growing up.

One that was always playing in my house growing up was Home Alone. Home Alone was my brothers favourite growing up and he still loves it. It is just such a fun movie and I always remembered when I was younger thinking it would be so cool to be home alone.

One of my absoulte favoruites is Jingle All The Way and I just watched it this past weekend. It is just so funny and it is always guarranted to make me smile. 

Another few of my favourites is the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen, of course Elf which is just so funny. The Grinch is also a Christmas classic in my house.  Two of my mums favourites is The Polar Express and Jack Frost, I still haven't seen Polar Express I know it's a crime.

Finally the last two is going to sound strange. Every Christmas in the UK guaranteed The Gremlins movie is on and I frickin love it. Last but not least is The Sound of music, it is always on over Christmas and the new year and I always watch it then so to me it is a Christmas movie.

What are some of your favourite movies?

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