Breakfast With My Book Boyfriend

Near the end of 2016 I got into baking and really started to enjoy it {even though I had many disasters} and I want to continue that in 2017. I want to share my love of baking on my blog but try and incorporate books so hopefully I can do that in the coming months. I also want to get into cooking. I can cook basic things, kinda but I want to explore that more.

So today's post is all about breakfast and one of my favorites at that.EGGS!! My mum loves eggs so our house always has them. And one of my favorite ways to have them is soft boiled with soldiers because I am a big child (I know this is an easy one to make but still...)

Now usually I can never get them perfect but recently I found the perfect timing to make them just how I like them. Here is how I get my perfect boiled eggs;

1) Boil a kettle of water, when boiled add the water to a small saucepan and put on stove at the highest setting. - Now I don't know if everyone boils the water before putting it on the stove but my mum always has so I do, it gets the water boiling quicker.

2) Once water is bubbling add your eggs - I tend to use medium size eggs, my eggs usually sit on a tablespoon perfectly which I use to put into the boiling water as otherwise I usually crack end up cracking the eggs.

3) Now timing- I have found 5 minutes makes my eggs the perfect way I like them. They come out with the white hard boiled and the yolk is runny at the top, perfect for dipping and half way down we get a soft boiled egg. I have tried this a few times and they always turn out this way.

4) Now for are "soldiers" I usually use toasted white bread as it tastes the best, but I did use brown bread the other day and it still tasted nice. But I think white is probably best! I do add butter to my bread but sometimes I just leave it dry, its really up to you.

5) Once your eggs are cooked you of course need egg cups. Now in our house we have broken quite a few of ours so we need more. So I found some pretty ones I really want to buy:

Finally it's time to eat them and of course I want to eat them with my bookish boyfriend, why not. So of course I would love to have my perfect boiled eggs and soldiers with Matthew from the All Souls Trilogy. I just love this trilogy and I love Matthew, of course he's a vampire and he won't appreciate my eggs but that just means all the more for me :)

Photo from my Instagram megan_readingawaythedays

Which character would you love to have breakfast with?


  1. The egg cups are so cute! I started cooking when I was in my 20s and taught myself which means while I can cook or bake pretty complicated things I'm completely lost on simple stuff like eggs! I can barely scramble one so I'm taking notes on this. A soft boiled eggs with soldiers sounds like a pretty tasty breakfast!

    1. I can cook basics but I really want to try different things and widen my horizons. Eggs seemed the best to get perfect first. Thanks for stopping by :)