New thoughts: What I have found re-watching Vampire Diaries!

Recently I have been re-watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I am currently a few episodes into season two and from re watching it I have some new thoughts. Now my journey with Vampire Diaries started back when the show first aired in 2009. I immediately loved it and watched every episode until half way though season six when I just started to lose interest. However as we are coming up to the series finishing forever I thought I would give the series a re watch and continue on with the seasons I have missed. Re watching it I fell in love with it all over again but this time there was a few things that caught my attention. Today I want to share my thoughts with you. There will be spoilers if you haven't watched the series.

*First up I was really sad when Caroline got turned. She really annoyed me as a vampire to start and then it just messed up the whole Caroline and Matt thing. I loved those guys together. Re watching it I am now quite annoyed it ruined that relationship.

*Two people I loved when I first watched the series was Bonnie and Jeremy but re watching it they are so annoying. More so Bonnie I just want to slap her most of the time now!

*Catherine is just my QUEEN! First time round, I didn't really like her I was all for she needs to leave my Elena and Stefan alone but now she is just such an awesome character!!!

*Talking of Elena and Stefan. I was all for them as a couple when I first watched it. Now not so much . I don't know if this is because I know what happens and I am influenced. There was some swoony moments which I loved and some lines that they say to each other when they decide to give it a try that I adore. And they are cute together and its all swoony but both characters really annoy me sometimes now especially Elena. Elena has these weird facial expressions and I am like what is wrong with her does she need the bathroom. 

* My baby Damon!! I just love him even more!!

*I actually love Alaric and Damon's Bromance so much!! Bromance GOAL!

*Elena's uncle is a dosh he annoyed me even more and Elena's vampire mum I wanted to stake her myself!

*Finally it was so obvious the lockwoods where werewolves and even when Damon knew he just keep trying to prove it and I was like Damon seriously you know, stop!

Overall I am loving re watching it, it's just a fun guilty pleasure watch. Have you watched Vampire Diaries? Who is some of your fave characters?


  1. I have to read or watch vampires diaries! Come on! How can I call myself urban fantasy reader if I don't??? Glad to hear you fell in love with it all over again. I'll come back to read the rest of the post when I have watched it :)

    1. You definitely need to watch it! It is so good and if you love Urban fantasy you will definitely love it :)

  2. OH EM GEE!! ok so I'm 1 1/2 seasons behind on TVD. And I have so many feelings. I think part of the disallusionment with Stefan and Elena is growing up. We stop seeking the white night who will protect us and want someone who will support and encourage us yet still be funny and sincere, and just there with us. I love Damon. Also Katherine. She is the best doppleganger. When the event in season 5 happened I was actually upset. Uncle John is totally a douche. His death did not excuse his behaviour. Alaric and Damon are friend goals. When the even with Alaric happens in season 3/4 and Damon is saving a seat for him at the bar... I cried. With abandon. Bonnie and Jeremy were gross and annoying as hell. I did not cry when each character died because I knew they'd come back. In fact of the deaths on that show I have only cried at Aunt Jenna's, Alaric's, and the one in season 6 . The rest were like "Why do I care this much?" Sorry i kinda went nuts replying but I rarely chat with people who love TVD like i did/do. Hope you're having a good day!

    1. Yay love this long comment :) I have only watched to the middle of season 6 so I have a lot to catch up on and I am trying not to spoil myself with the most recent season near the end. I totally agree with Stefan being the whole white Knight thing. I love Damon so much its a problem lol. Katherine is definitely the best doppleganger. I cried so hard at the "bar scene" Aunt Jenna's was so terrible I cried so much!! Thank you so much for replying :) :) Have a great weekend

  3. I loved Matt and Jeremy so I wasn't happy with the character changes that effected their stories. Bonnie still irritates me lol. I need to start where I left off because I don't think I can go through some of this drama again lol. Great post!!