Blogging in 2014 & Did I complete my Goodreads Challenge?

Blogging in 2014

2014 has been a great blogging year. I stopped blogging for 9 months and got back in to blogging in May. I enjoyed the break, I think I  really needed it as the blog was getting to much like work and when I first started blogging it was to have fun and the pressure to put this post up and that post and not to disappoint people was getting too much. Now coming back with a different perspective and not putting pressure on myself it has been great. I have started interacting a lot more with bloggers which has been so much fun. After blogging for nearly 4 years with the break in between I never really interacted that much with bloggers but now I love it. I have also been using twitter and facebook a lot for blogging and all the new followers has been amazing. My facebook page has really grown which I really appreciate. If you aren't following me on all my social media sites check out the links in the sidebar!

Did I complete my Goodreads challenge?

I have also had the pleasure of reading some amazing books this year as well as discovering some incredible authors. Some of my favourite series of books came to an end which was bittersweet. All in all it has been a great reading year. I have read way more books than I expected too. I read 73 full books and 14 books that where novellas or children's books, and successfully completed my Goodreads challenge. Each year I have read at least 20 more books than the previous year so this year I am going to aim high, I still am not sure on the number. I also think I read a lot more books because if I simply wanted to read a book on my book shelf I did and didn't limit myself to reading all review books.

Over all this blogging year has really been fun. I think I have had the most fun this year blogging since I started. The first two years of blogging where so much fun and then the pressure started to get too much but after the break and making myself some rules to follow its has made blogging exciting again.

I want to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog, follows me on twitter or facebook. Anyone who has left me a comment or simply retweeted one of my tweets you are all amazing. I hope you all have a great New Year and a great book year in 2015. I am excited to see what happens!

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  1. I am glad this blogging year was such a good one for you! I think taking a break when things get stressful is also always a good idea. I have yet to do so myself but I had a couple of days without internet in Britain and took a ten day break.