#Review : A Year Full Of Stories by Georgie Adams & Selina Young

A Year Full of Stories
Book: A Year Full of Stories 

Author (s): Georgie Adams & Selina Young

Pages: 264
Children's Book

Publisher: Orion Books
Received Hardback VIA publisher for review
When I was younger I loved these sort of books. Big story books with little stories throughout. A year Full Of Stories has a story/or poem for every day of the year. From January 1st where Ben is cleaning his room for a fresh new start to the year, to Harry's Holiday diary in August. Each story/poem is only one page but I think it is enough for a bedtime story with a little one. It will appeal to both boys and girls and having a bedtime story designated to each day of the year will make bedtimes fun to see what the story is that day.
The pictures are bright and colourful and will encourage discussion with your children.
A Year Full Of Stories is a great collection of stories/poems that will be used for many years and would make a great addition to your child's bookcase!

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