Cover Reveal: Watch Your Back by Tracy Bilen

Book: Watch Your Back
Author: Tracy Bilen
Release Date: April 2015
Publisher: Tulip Romance (a division of Spencer Hill Press
Genre: YA
BlurbWhen sixteen-year-old Kate hears the boom that ends her parents’ life, she doesn’t even realize it has anything to do with her. Until the police arrive at her front door.

Sent to live with her aunt at a ski school in Vermont, Kate tries to adapt to her new life. But then Kate’s aunt is hit by a speeding car and a rogue FBI agent tries to force Kate into his car at gunpoint. She’s saved by Ryan, the risk-taking skier she’s only just met.

On the run, the two must unravel the truth about her parents’ murder in order to stop a terrorist plot and save their own lives.
My Thoughts:
I like this cover. I like that is isn't real life models as that is what most covers seem to be now. I like the colours used and I like not seeing their faces as I can make my own opinion of what they look like when I read the book. I have noticed this on a few covers lately were you can't see the characters faces which I like!

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