Discussion: Touch of Death Series by Kelly Hashway & #Giveaway

If you checked out my Discussion: What book series do you like to re-read? you will know that one of my favourite book series' is the Touch of Death series' by Kelly Hashway. I thought as the book series is now finished with Face of Death (Touch of death #3) having been released a few months ago I would do a kind of overview post about the series, without spoilers. I hope this encourages anyone that hasn't read the series to pick it up and give it a go.

What is the Touch of Death series' all about?

The Touch of Death series' is a YA PNR that revolves around protagonist Jodi Marshall. Jodi goes from normal teenager, with a best friend, a great boyfriend, to having all these strange things happen to her. A deer coming back to life even though you were sure it was dead. Anyone would be freaked out! To top it of a strange boy is stalking her. Jodi soon discovers that she isn't a "normal" teenager. She is in fact a descendant of Medusa. Jodi's life is about to change forever. Her touch brings the dead back to life and her kiss kills! 

The Characters

Jodi is the main female protagonist and is a strong character and I love that throughout all the craziness she still remains strong. She goes through so much in the series' and still takes charge and tries to do the right thing even when she isn't sure what the right thing is to do. 

Alex is the main male protagonist and I love him, he is definitely one of my book boyfriends! You will fall in love with him I guarantee it! He is strong, caring, tough when he has to be and has a vulnerable side that will have you loving him even more.

Why should you read the Touch of Death Series'?

The Touch of Death series' has a great storyline with twist and turns that will keep you reading throughout the series. It has characters you will love and characters you will love to hate and a love that you will be rooting for. If this sounds something you would love I would highly recommend the Touch Of Death Series'. Be Prepared to fall in love!


Spencer Hill Press the publisher of the Touch of Death Series has kindly offered a giveaway of an ebook (Nook or Kindle) of a Touch of Death the first book in the series to one of my lovely followers!

*Giveaway Ends 21st June 2014

*Giveaway is open to anyone who can read kindle or nook ebooks.

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  1. Megan, thanks for posting about the series and doing a giveaway. Here's an insider tip. There will be…a Touch of Death prequel novella told from Alex's POV! It should be available soon and it will be…FREE!

  2. This series sounds really interesting. I'd like to see how Jodi is able to deal with her new-found powers, it can't be easy. Thanks.

  3. I haven't read this series yet but I'd love too. I've seen all the fab reviews on Goodreads - great post! Donna @ BookPforLife x

  4. Sounds like an awesome series!