Book tube videos I have been loving

Even though I havent been reading much due to the book slump to end all book slumps (See here) I have been watching a lot of book tube videos. It's one of my favourite things to do so I thought I would do a post sharing some recent favourite videos from some of my favourite booktubers.

First up is some videos from Emma @ Emmma books who is I can say truthfully my favourite booktuber. I love all her videos but I recently loved her 13 reasons why series discussion which you can check out below.

Next I found this video in the suggestions bit of my fed and when I started watching it I couldn't stop. It's a 25 minute video with the title of This is literally the worst book I have ever read and Lily C the creator was amazing. The book sounds terrible but it's Lily that kept me there. Check it out.

I have discovered a couple of new channels in the last while and am not one for subbing to new bookish channels but I have two.

First up is Epic Reads this is a channel from Harper Collins and its there YA section Epic Reads. I follow them on all other social media platforms but didn't on YouTube I don't know why. One of there videos I really enjoyed was The Siren by Keira Cass told with dolls, it was hilarious. Check it out.

Finally I discovered Kristin @ Super Space Chick. when I find a new channel I love I go and watch all there videos from the beginning. I know I lead such an exciting life, it does take me ages but I love bookish videos so I know I always have some in back up when I need a fix. One of Kristins latest videos that I enjoyed was a book haul. Who doesn't love a no haul?

What are some booktubers you love? Any I should check out. Leave me a comment below!

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