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Today I have a very special post for you and that is an interview with Astra McNicholl owner\ maker\ dreamer of  local company Itty Bitty Book Co. I am now a affiliate for this company and I am very excited to share some posts with you over the next few months. Without further ado I will pass you over to Astra.

Tell us a little about yourself

My names Astra, I’m 29 years old, I was born in Scotland but grew up traveling - South Africa, the Caribbean, America, England & Australia. I met my husband Al in England (he’s from here) and we moved here 10 years ago, we had our son Ché Phoenix and started Itty Bitty Book Co both in 2013. I’m a very adventurous person & am proud of the risks I’ve taken, I love happy music, nature, tea and day dreaming/planning my next ideas! 

Can you tell us a little bit about the background of Itty Bitty Book Co, when it started and why?

The first positivity book was made from my craft supplies for my big sister who was about to set off sailing around the world. I wanted to give her something made with love that could fit in her pocket and remind her of the good things in life, the little reasons to smile. I absolutely loved the process, it felt like I was making something ‘real' out of the happiest/best bits of me and sending it out into the world! Thats really how it all started!

Can you tell us the ethos behind Itty Bitty Book Co?

We’re a social enterprise, so the mission is always at the forefront of what we do. We promote positivity. Through that we hope to inspire people to focus more on the good things in their lives & be happier. When people are happier they are healthier, more productive, more resilient, more creative… The list goes on!! Positivity can change peoples lives and change entire communities - through our workshops, products and designs we hope to help others bring more happiness into their lives. 

You provide positive Itty Bitty Books, prints, cards and wall banners. Where do you draw your design ideas from?

My husband Al is the co-owner of Itty Bitty and he does ALL the design work! Our creative process usually comes from something we’ve experienced - a feeling of needing a specific kind of motivation or seeing a need for comfort (as with the strength designs) from there we’ll work together to decide on the wording and the ‘feel’ of the design/product. Now that we have a team in the office, everyone shares their opinions on new designs and it’s a really creative atmosphere. Then after that its 100% Al and we just wait to see the end product!

As well as selling amazing positive and inspirational products you also have a Postivity Takeover Pack, can you tell us a little about it?

The Positivity Takeover has been incredible to watch come alive! It’s a movement we created to spread the positivity! You purchase a set of 10 happy cards (only £3), each one has a sticker saying #PositivityTakeover and you leave the cards for strangers to find :) Sharing where you’re leaving them on social media - Instagram is a great place to see where they’ve ended up. Cuba, Scotland, Times Square NY, Spain, France, Iceland just to name a few!!! Leaving something to brighten someones day is just so fun and makes you feel great - I definitely recommend checking them out and joining in!

Your company seems to try and live be an Eco friendly environment. Why did you choose to have this as part of the foundation of Itty Bitty Book Co?

Maybe it was from traveling so much? Or maybe that I come from a family of ‘eco warriors’ lol wherever it’s from I have a deep love and respect for nature, and I recognise we all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful planet! So it wasn’t really even a choice it’s just how we live and so it’s how our business has been from the start. Plus my son loves nature, animals & the ocean, so as a parent I want to do what I can to protect what he loves.

Do you have an inspirational quote are phrase you live by?

Yes! My all time favourite is ‘If we did all we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves’ - Thomas Edison. That quote was in all our homes growing up and I always loved it! I also love ‘Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience’ this one particularly touches me because in my life, if I hadn’t taken some crazy risks, I wouldn’t have my husband, my son or this business that I love so much!

Thank you so much to Astra for taking the time to do this interview. Below I have an international giveaway sponsored by my blog Reading Away The Days. Where you could win two cards from Itty Bitty Book Co which I have purchased and will ship. My Giveaway Policy (See picture below) Giveaway Ends 28th May 2017. My Affiliate link

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