Movies on my radar lately!

I love a good movie and lately I have seen so many awesome trailers that I had to share them with you. I see the majority of  the trailers on Movieclips Trailers on YouTube. You should check them out.

I have six movie trailers for you in different genres. There will be age restrictions on some.

First up is The Dark Tower based on a Stephen King novel. It's not rated yet so be aware going into it. It has violence and is an action adventure fantasy/western so a little of everything but it looks so good. It has a August 2017 release.

Next up is The Big Sick which looks funny, heart-warming, and though provoking based on a real life story. It sounds like the perfect rom-com. It's restricted R rating and its about a couple from two different cultures dealing with their cultural differences as their relationship grows. It has a summer release.

Once upon a time in Venice is up next and it looks hilarious. It stars Bruce Willis and Jason Momoa. It's about a policeman who's dog is taken in a robbery and he has to get his dog back from the person who stole it, a drug Lord who sends him on a mission in return for his dog and hilarity soon ensues. It doesn't have rating so for but I would say R rating. It also has a summer release.

We then have It Comes At Night which I don't know whether I love the trailer or am freaked out. It's a horror film and I hate horror films but I think I might be able to handle this one as it seems to be pushing toward the psychological thriller aspect. It has an R Rating and a summer release. Watch at your own risk :)

Next up we have 2.22 which is a thriller about a man who keeps seeing patterns of events that repeat themselves every day in the same exact manner and ending at the same time of day 2.22. It gives the vibes of Final Destination and Knowing. It has a Pg13 rating and has a summer release date.

Finally we have Rough Night a comedy starring Scarlett Johanson as her and her friends go on her bachelorette party in Miami and a male stripper ends up dead. Drama and comedy ensues. It looks so funny and all kinda wrong I love it. R rating and is another summer release.

That is it. Do you want to see any of these movies? What movies are on your radar? Leave me a comment below.

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