#Review Inferno (Blood for Blood #2) by Catherine Doyle

Book: Inferno
Series: Blood for Blood #2
Author: Catherine Doyle
Rating: ✪✪✪✪✪

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I don't know why I put of finishing this trilogy. I read Vendetta a few years back and loved it and just never picked up the next #books. Well aren't I hitting myself on the head now. I loved this sequel and just had to run out and pick up the last book straight away. Fun fact: This is my first 5 star rating since last October!

I have so many thoughts on Inferno. I would definitely class this as Upper YA as Catherine Doyle does not shy away from dark themes. 
I haven't had a book shock me so much in such a long time and I loved it. Catherine Doyle is not one to shy away from getting things done and she does more than get things done in Inferno.

The story was such a fast paced page turner. And it just keep flowing with action the whole way though. However even though I wanted to keep reading I had to have a little break in between as things got so intense.

Nic one of the Falcone brothers I loved in the first book but in Inferno he really rattled me to the point I wanted to grab his knife and poke him in the eye. He's like a robot, a solider. I kinda get his personality now, its the way he was born, its in his blood. But come on Nic snap out of it.  

I adore Luca so much and I really enjoy his chemistry with Sophie. Luca is just my little bundle of hope. Sophie went though so much in this book, like, I don't know how that girl is still standing.

As I said above there was alot of OMFG moments you can't trust anyone in this book, like I would be having a nervous break down rocking in a corner if i had to go though what Sophie goes though in Inferno and it's going to leave the characters changed forever.

Even though I loved the whole romance in Vendetta and the Romeo and Juliet aspect in Inferno it was the plot and the twists and turns that kept me tuning the pages and reading late into the night. This is a trilogy I highly recommend you check out.

Have you read Inferno? Are the first book in the trilogy? Leave me your thoughts below.


  1. Okay, book one is going on my TBR! Great review!

  2. Oh I'm intrigued by the Romeo and Juliet aspect! :D