Okay So Booksically Tag

It's time for another book tag. This one I am excited to do as the questions are different than the usual questions you get in tags. This tag was created by Andrew @ OK So Booksically on YouTube. Let's go!

1) Tell us about your blog name and your real name

So my blog is called Readingawaythedays as I like to read away my days *winky face* my sister is actually the one that came up with the name. I am great at making names up for everyone else but I just couldn't make one up for myself. And my real name is Megan.

2) Open Instagram search and chat about the first three images

I love Instagram especially bookstagram photos. Cheeky little plug you can follow me at @ Megan_readingawaythedays

These where the first three images that popped up and of course there bookstagram photos. 

1) The lovely blue books are by The night court bookworm and I love blue book covers. These are so pretty.

2) The photo of the awesome Funko pops is by Pops Hearts Books I love Funko pops and I need more in my life. This account has so many Funko pops am jealous!

3) The photo of the awesome Grisha Trilogy is by Elephant Tales this is a trilogy I really want to read!

3) Your Favourite song to listen to while your reading/writing and how many times you have listened to it

I don't like to listen to music while I read as I need total silence but I do like to while am blogging or just on social media. I have a playlist on YouTube where I have songs that am really into at the time called songs of 2017 it has a list of some new songs am loving as some older songs am into again. I make one every  year and am always updating it. Recently I have been listening to on repeat Fall out Boys lastest song Young and Meanace and Clean Bandit, symphony feat Zara Larrson. You can check it my playlist here

4) Your Favourite book on your bookshelf at the moment

I am cheating a little but probably my Peter Pan collection as there so pretty. And yes I had to take a screen shoot of my own photo as I got a new phone and it didn't  save all my Instagram pics :(

5) Fave bookish thing you love to use as a prop in your pictures or videos 

I am really into cacti and succulents at the minute and I love to use my succulent in my bookstagram photos. It's a fake one from Primark but I do want to get some real ones.

6) Three books you are dying to re-read but probably never will

I love 're reading books but I don't tend to 're read standalone books bar Where rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern which I read every year. So three books that I loved and am dying to 're read but probably never will are;

A little in love by Susan Fletcher which I always call my hidden gem 

The Help by Kathryn Stockett which I loved and the movie was fantastic as well.

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven which you all know broke me.

7) Amazing bookish finds. This can be books, bookish things or bookish moments 

I am going to go for a fave bookish moment and that is any time my favourite author Deborah Harkness likes or replies to any of my tweets or Instagrams. I love social media for the fact that you can interact so easily and to get that small interaction from your favourite author.

8) Finally hottest author (s)/ author crush

I don't usually have any crushes on authors but Pierce Brown is always nice to look at even though I haven't read his books :)

That was such a fun book tag. I am going to tag one of my favourite bloggers , booksagrammers and Booktuber to do the tag:

Blogger: Lisa and Becca from @Lost in lit which is know real surprise as I love these ladies. There Instagram accounts are amazing as well 

Bookstagrammer:  Abi @ The Squeaky Cupboard her photos are goals

Booktuber: Emma from Emmma Books who is my favourite person to watch. I love all get videos 

One question I didn't answer was Open Youtube and talk about the first three videos you see. Feel free to answer it if you wish.

Let me know some of your answers to the questions below


  1. I also love social media for the fact that it's easy to connect with your favorite authors. It's so much fun!

    1. It is so much fun isn't it. Twitter is definitely my fave :)

  2. I love this book tag! Definitely have to re-read Where Rainbows End, it's like tradition!

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